Our Mission:
To create an America where all children have the intrinsic motivation to pursue education beyond high school.

Yes! Our Kids Can (YOKC) is a nonprofit (501c3) Social Enterprise established in 2016.
We are pioneering the most engaging, effective and culturally relevant methods of building intrinsic motivation and high subjective well being with students in public schools in historically underserved communities. We also develop innovative strategies to engage parents and caregivers.

Nothing like
this exists in
the education
space today.

students in
fun, culturally
relevant ways.

how parents
view their
child's future.

How does it work?

This engaging and fun digital learning system is designed to encourage students and their parents, especially those living in poverty and other at-risk situations, to stay in school, work hard and make good grades. Fifteen minutes of teacher-led lessons each day helps students envision a brighter, more successful future and starts them on a post-secondary education track.

We make it easy for teachers to motivate students through technology and play.

We use the cognitive theory of self-efficacy and collective efficacy, resulting in a collective shift in the students’ perceptions, competence & belief perseverance. Combined with the principles of advertising and decades of communications experience, we engage students and parents to instill the belief that they will succeed at education after high school and gain a fulfilling career allowing them to help their families.

We help teachers reach students in the way they want to learn today, delivering motivational songs, videos and games on classroom tablets. The program is fun, engaging and is currently aligned with Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills (TEKS) standards, with a focus on Literacy, Social Studies/Economics, Health Education and Technology. Teachers love the grab and go lessons that are designed by teachers, for teachers; which makes teaching Yes! Our Kids Can fun, relevant and easy to implement.

Engaging Parents is Key

Yes! Our Kids Can incorporates a parent outreach component that helps to demystify the process of college preparedness and encourages participation in the effort. We empower parents to influence their child’s success through regular notifications via smartphone, including tips for discussion and positive reinforcement.

  • I am smart. Post-secondary education is for me.
  • I can succeed, I will succeed.
  • I will work hard and stay in school.
  • I will get all the help I need.
  • The money will be there.
  • I will get a great career and be able to help my family.
  • Creates motivated students.
  • Encourages parent involvement.
  • “Grab and Go” TEKS aligned curriculum makes it easy for teachers.
  • Is Culturally relevant and bilingual.
  • Instills good academic habits early.
  • Teaches life-planning, goal setting and follow-through.
  • Places a high value on life-planning, goal setting and follow-through.

In the News

Santikos Foundation is funding a partnership between Somerset Independent School District and Yes! Our Kids Can.

This gift of $65,500 funds the initial phase of research. Additional funding will be required to implement a pilot program with Somerset in Spring of 2017. Texas A&M University-San Antonio is conducting an independent study to provide results on the effectiveness of the program.

Get Hands On With Yes! Our Kids Can

Contact us to schedule a hands on demonstration and to learn how we can help create more motivated students and more involved parents in your district.

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